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Adventures in the USA & Canada

Montana | Big Sky, Yellowstone & Paradise Valley

Utah | Bryce/Zion

Utah Family | Arches to Moab

Arizona Adventure Travel

Snowy Peaks, Saguaro Deserts & Savory Wines

New Mexico - Santa Fe & Taos

Wyoming | Yellowstone/Teton

Idaho Family | Salmon River Raft

South Dakota | Black Hills to Mt Rushmore

Europe Adventures

European Bike Tours & Adventure Travel

Spain, Slovenia, Denmark,  Croatia, Greece, France,

Italy, Holland Germany, Switzerland, and Austria

as well as trips to:

Austria | Alps to Salzburg

Austria/Czech Republic | Vienna to Prague

Montana Camp Family

Montana | Glacier National Park

Alaska - Kenai Peninsula

Alaska Cruise

California Wine Country

Yosemite National Park Family

Yellowstone Winter

Washington | San Juan Islands

British Columbia | Whistler

Alberta | Banff to Jasper

hiking + biking + walking + cultural = ADVENTURE

Adventures ranging from hiking, paddling, cultural, walking tours, biking tours, and horseback riding.  Both adult only and family trips offered.

Gluten Free Adventures, for more information

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According to Wikipedia an adventure is defined as:

“an exciting or unusual experience; it may also be a bold, usually risky undertaking, with an uncertain outcome.[1]”

Gluten Free Travel-Us, working jointly with a “foremost adventure travel company”, can bring you the excitement of adventure without the risk when it comes time to eat!


Join these long established active journeys, now tailored to meet the needs of the gluten free traveler.