Family Trips – Gluten Free

Ellen, herself, remembers feeling left out watching as other children ate all the things she could not – Cookies, ice cream, cupcakes or even a simple sandwich.  Her parents were constantly concerned about her eating something that would cause a reaction. Somehow it became easier just to stay at home. Ellen even remembers her parents feeling so sad for her but there was nothing they could do. This is the reality of a child with dietary restrictions – the world of the family with gluten free (and dairy free) children. Many of you experience this every day and we know exactly how you feel!


Travel without the concern of what your family will eat

The goal at Gluten Free Travel-Us is to provide experiences for children who are growing up with these same limitations.  It is not a defect, it is not something that diminishes a child.  It is just a dietary issue that makes much of what they do,  just a bit more difficult.  Many families hesitate to travel out of their comfort zone because they are afraid.  What if the child eats something wrong, how can we take all that food with us, and ultimately, what if there is nothing for the child to eat at all?

Tailored activities designed to appeal to children.

Gluten Free Travel-Us will be creating trips that go to great lengths to avoid those issues. And, it can be even more fun to be with other children who are like yours. The difference between the adult travel and these family trips, is that we tailor the activities and events to those things that appeal to children. They enjoy being active and moving but also want time to just be kids. And they love to eat. On our trips, they can freely enjoy food geared for them. Pizza (in Italy?); hot dogs and burgers with GLUTEN FREE BUNS (at a barbecue on the beach in Costa Rica?). It is possible! Even Chocolate ice cream in a GLUTEN FREE cone (on a cruise ship in the Caribbean?).

As with adult options, we can also create individual, customized travel to destinations of your choice. We will make recommendations and reservations at hotels we feel offer you the best resources and solutions for your family’s needs. We can also provide restaurant recommendations that we know offer gluten free options.

We will be happy to discuss all of these issues and help you create your family vacation without the stress of food issues. You focus on the fun, we focus on the food!

Coming soon……

Hands on children cooking trips to Napa and San Jose. Your child can work with the chef to actually learn how to make these special foods, while the parents explore the vineyards of California or the art galleries of New Mexico.

Hawaii for the holidays – we are working with a hotel on Kauai right now to create menus for Christmas or New Years.

Family vacation in a villa in Tuscany. Have your own private chef preparing gluten free meals while you spend the days exploring Lucca, Pisa, Siena and beyond.

….and more!

We look forward to welcoming you and your family on a Gluten Free Travel-Us journey.


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